Image by Aliaksei Lepik

Anxiety Therapy


Have you been feeling worried or stressed? Do you suffer from panic attacks from concerns about the future, from thoughts that just won't stop? Have you been feeling a swirling in your stomach or tightness in your breath and you can't figure out why? You may have issues with Anxiety.

It may sound surprising, but talking to someone might be helpful. Often letting the thoughts out to someone who cares can help them have space to be held without you having to go it alone. Anxiety is one of the most common experiences plaguing Americans today. We want to help. 


We will work with you on whole wellness and on strategies to help lower anxiety, both from the mind and the body. We also work with you to discover the origins of your anxiety. Some people have anxiety that is very biological. Others have anxiety because of old learnings. We want to help you discover the roots of yours, and develop effective treatments that are particular to your history and mind.