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Did you know...

The subcortical part of your brain operates at speeds of 1/12 to 1/4 of a second? That’s so much faster than your cortex! 

The thoughts and emotions generated by the cortical level are deeply influenced by the subcortical levels just because of the speed difference. 


Have you ever felt like your life was completely out of your control?  Like behaviors, actions, and feelings you had you just couldn’t change? It may be that parts of your history, the implicit memory that sits in your subcortical brain, is running the show a bit. Would you like to change it?

Individual therapy can help.

Sometimes talking to someone can help because you can plan for new behaviors and new goals. More often our journey to healing lies in deep therapy. Longer term therapy  (6 months or more) helps because we can follow the parts of you that are causing you stress back to the adaptive roots in your history.  Understanding that you are not broken and can unlearn anything that has been learned is essential to you living your fullest life. 


In both brief therapy and deep therapy, being in connection with another person who can hold you and all of your good and bad parts with deep compassion can help you feel not alone and safe at the same moment. 

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