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Relationship issues


Are you experiencing a relationship that's less than you were hoping for, or do you have trouble staying in relationships for long?


Do you keep finding yourself picking the wrong partner, or do you find that things are great in the beginning, then always seem to fall apart? 

Have you ever wanted to get to the bottom of why this keeps happening?


If you're having relationship issues and are interested in couples therapy, please click here. 


If you're an individual who wants to get to the bottom of their relation issues, this page is for you. Often our relationships are difficult because we have hard spaces in our past that are difficult to touch. Others of us worry about being left or about things not going well. These things can prevent us from being who we want to be inside a relationship.

You deserve to have a relationship that is deep in all five levels of intimacy:




It is our birthright as humans to be in connection with each other. Whether you struggle with relationships romantically, with friendships, or with colleagues at work, we want to help


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