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Have you been wondering if events from your past are affecting your current relationships, work or wellness? 

Trauma can take many forms. Many people are affected by things that have happened in the past or things that have happened very recently. Sometimes people have a hard time sleeping, concentrating at work, trouble with sudden anxiety, shaking or agitation with family or friends. 


Sometimes the symptoms of trauma can be large, such a flashbacks, panic attacks, hopelessness, and thoughts of ending things all together. Other times, trauma can be more subtle, causing difficulty in relationships and self esteem. 

Wondering if trauma therapy could be right for you?


We have clinicians who work with crime victims, people with abuse histories, emergency first responders, people who have been through natural disasters, and who have been through difficult medical experiences. We also have clinicians who specialize with working with traumas that are more subtle, things that happened long ago that can create difficulties in relationships, work life, and happiness. 

If you're experiencing pain from things in your past or difficult symptoms from something that just happened, maybe you should talk to someone. 

"People may tell you that what you want is unrealistic. I don't think so. Well-meaning friends and family may focus on your need to compromise. I don't want you to.

...I want you to go after what it is that you want--with skill and with love--and get it."


  -Terry Real, The New Rules of Marriage