Brooke Robb, LPC Intern supervised by Juliane Taylor Shore LPC-S, LMFT-S

Brooke applies IPNB principles to psychodynamic therapy to assist clients who want to know their own mind with great depth.  She specializes in working with grief in its many forms, in relational health with individual clients, and with people struggling with drug and alcohol use that feels out of control. Brooke has a gentle presence and works with clients to help them lead the work in directions that are organic for each client.



price for services:

$120 per 50 minute session

Sliding scale available? Yes

What is the best thing that you have learned from one of your people?

I’ve learned to experiment more in the therapy room. Sometimes, really seeing and responding to another person involves more than following their pace, listening with empathy, and making my best effort to understand who they are and what they’re communicating to me. These are important aspects of the way I practice and can serve as the foundation for transformational emotional experiences; they’re exactly what many people need. But for plenty of others, feeling safe enough to fully access the deepest parts of themselves requires experimenting with a different way of sitting together or talking, or perhaps taking a break from talking to turn inward. Sometimes it’s helpful to draw or use other materials to create an image that captures some inner knowledge that words can’t yet express. I welcome the opportunity to learn new ways of working from my clients.