Contemplating Divorce?


Is your relationship on the brink of ending? Have you been contemplating leaving for years and haven’t told your partner?

We want you to be able to make sure this is the right move for you. Whether you are wanting discernment counseling, or are hoping to save your relationship, we want to help you get through this.

There may be children involved, financial difficulties if the relationship ends, and true love between you that you want to find again. We want to help you reignite love and have the relationship you want and deserve. We are wired for love and connection and we want you both to have those needs met. We know that when couples come in, in this state, they need big intervention fast. All of our therapists are trained in relational life therapy, a therapy that specializes in helping couples shift big problematic patterns rapidly and deeply. If you want to make very big change you may be interested in one of our intensive couples therapy sessions. We also have therapists who specialize in couples therapy on a weekly or biweekly basis.


Wondering if there is even a chance? Discernment therapy is a specialized form of couples therapy that helps couples determine if they want to continue to work on their partnership or if it is time to end the relationship. Above all, relational health is our goal. Our marriage counselors want to help you determine if relational health is in your future together or if the healthiest answer to say goodbye.