Tracking Neural Networks 12 hours


This training is Sold Out.Please contact Jules: julianetaylorshore@gmail.com to get on the waiting list.


WHEN: Friday and Saturday, May 31-June 1, 2019  9:30am-4:30pm
WHERE: Austin, TX (TBD)

COST: $425 Early Bird $350 (Ends April 30)

Most therapeutic modalities for healing trauma are using our current understanding of the brain to harness clients natural resiliency and healing. There is one skill that all of these modalities share, it is the core of trauma healing but it is also essential to do any client centered work with efficiency and without agenda from the clinician. What is that skill?  Tracking neural networks.


  • Learn why this method works so well from a neurobiological perspective

  • Learn how you are already using much of this in your work and how to use it more efficiently

  • Learn why it is essential for the therapeutic relationship to stay out of agenda and how this skill can help you do it

  • This is an experiential workshop full of demos and opportunities to practice

  • Practice tracking behaviors, the one part of this technique that seems to baffle most clincians

  • Define the "triangle of regulation" from a neurological perspective and practice accessing this before bringing up more problematic neural networks

  • Understand how tracking neural networks is important for more than just trauma healing, this is a skill for everything from general affect regulation to finding a new career path to couples counseling. No matter what population you work with this is a great skill to have,


• Brains in Session

• Trauma Assessment

• Whole Body Trauma Treatment 

• Courageous Love

• Incorporating Polyvagal Theory in Couples Counseling

• Sex Positive Therapy

• Neurobiology of Connection: Understanding Polyvagal Theory

• Integrating Somatic Work into Psychotherapy

• Sex and the Brain

• Trauma First Aid


I am an LPC S and LMFT S. As a supervisor, I am looking for therapists who want private practice once they complete their internship, who are deeply interested in learning Interpersonal Neurobiology and who are interested in their personal growth as they learn the art of psychotherapy. I think of my role as three fold: I am a business mentor, helping my interns navigate growing, marketing and running a small business. I am a clinical teacher and consultant, in this role I want to teach clinical tools, offer an ethical sounding board and process clinical cases. I am also a mentor for the human side of the therapist, in this role I function as half therapist, half supervisor as we explore countertransference issues, self care, your view of yourself as a therapist and create work and life balance that will work in a long term career.

At the moment, my supervision groups are full, however, I will be looking to take in a new intern or two in fall 2018-spring 2019. I will be taking interviews for that position in March and April of 2018.  If you would like to apply, please fill out the application below before March 1, 2018. Please do not send a resume. Of the applications I receive, 15 will be called in for an interview, after that there will be 3-4 called in for a second interview. Please don't let any of this make you nervous, this is just your first view into how transparent I am with my processes.  If you want to work with me--apply.  I want to hear from you. 


If you want to work with me but my timeline for supervision doesn't meet your needs, feel free to apply for a study group and/or CEU see above for details

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