Couples Intensives


Do you want a BIG change in your relationship right now?

Intensives are long form sessions, usually 4-10 hours in length (the 10 hour ones are two 5 hour days) in which you can dive deeply into healing your relationship. Our therapists practice Relational Life Therapy and IPNB to help transform relationships as quickly as is possible. We work to help you diagnose the dances in your relationship that are creating distance and heartache and work with the parts of you that won't use therapy tools so that you can go home with skills that you can use instead of just remember. These sessions are not meant to be ongoing therapy. This is a different way of diving into integration. If you are looking for a clinician who can see you on an ongoing weekly basis or if you are in ongoing crisis, this might not be the best fit for you. Relationships that do well with this type of work are those trying to figure out if there is hope for staying together, those who have deep commitment and just can't figure out what to do to get out of their rut and couples who want to deepen their intimacy. The cost vary by therapist as do the times available. Contact the therapist directly with questions about fees and logistics.

What does a Couples Intensive look like?

In these sessions, your therapist will help identify the painful pattern, help you learn to identify it, and help you explore the idea of big change and if it is something you are ready to commit to. These sessions often look like a weaving back and forth of personal work with your partner present, and turning back to each other to practice the tools you are learning in real time. We believe that good relationship with yourself is so important to good relational health with a partner, and we want to help you be with both kinds of relationship in a healthy way. Our therapists focus on 5 planes of intimacy: physical, emotional, sexual, intellectual and spiritual. 

Therapists offering Couples Intensives