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David Hixon, LPC Internsupervised by Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC S, LMFT S

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price for services: $135 per 50 minute session

Sliding scale available? yes



Attachment Therapy

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.


How does talking to someone help?

Psychotherapists help our lives because they are well-trained in the function of the mind (their own and others) and, most importantly, they care about our well-being. It is rare in our culture to have the undivided attention of someone for an hour, therapeutic presence is healing. Therapy offers us a space where we can bring to light our most hidden fears and troubles with the trust that we will not be judged or shamed, instead accepted. A therapist offers us curiosity about why our minds are constructed in such peculiar ways and how we can change to become happier individuals.


What’s your go to first question for a client and why?

"What are you hoping to get out of therapy?" Why do you think you’re having this problem?" I need to understand the nature of the problem and how you’re thinking about it to properly address it. We start with the simplest fix. For example, if you’re struggling with writing your resume we must know whether that’s because you simply never had the proper resources (examples, strategies, etc.) or whether it belies a deeper issue with self-worth that may have to do with your childhood. Therapy must deliver results and we try to deliver these results in the simplest way possible.

What’s best thing you ever learned from one of your people?

Everyone is doing the best they can considering their neurobiological makeup.-Bonnie Badenoch. If we understand that peoples’ actions, words, and behaviors are mostly the result of unconscious mind processes, we can move through this world with greater compassion for our selves and others. This doesn’t mean acquiescing to what we know is unjust, immoral or incorrect. We can be resolved and compassionate. If we assume that others are doing the best they can, all things considered, we have a better chance at changing ourselves and the world.

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