Image by Cherry Laithang

Depression Therapy


Have you been feeling low, agitated, tense, or hopeless? Are you really hard on yourself? Are you sitting at home by yourself, binging Netflix instead of connecting with the people that you love? You may be experiencing depression.

We have clinicians who specialize with working with people with depression. We want to help you think about strategies to employ now to help your symptoms lessen. We will help you think about eating, sleeping patterns, healthy habits, and exercise. 

We want to help you discover the root causes of your depression. 

Often people feel depressed because of internal conflicts in their own systems. Other times, they feel depressed because of hard things that have happened in the past that they have not been able to safely speak with someone about. We want to help you get to the roots of it, as well as help you lift your symptoms as soon as possible. 

Depression hurts physically and mentally. It doesn't have to stay like this.