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Elizabeth Buckley, LPC Intern, LMFT Associate

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price for services: $115 per 50 minute session

Sliding scale available? yes


Attachment Oriented Psychotherapy
Internal Family Systems

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How does talking to someone help?

Out in the world we run into so many spaces in which we are judged, intruded upon and left alone. Feeling truly with someone is the foundational medicine for getting through so many different kinds of pain. To feel deeply with we all need these things-emotional and physical safety, to be heard, deeply paid attention to, to be understood, to have the other person reliably soothe us and to feel that we matter. Do you have such a room? A room where intrusion and judgment are absent? A room where being together is safe? Where every part of you can show up and be welcomed? Talking to someone can provide such a room until you learn to build that exact same kind of room in your own heart.


What’s your go to first question for a client and why?

I don’t have a standard first question. I find that people sit down and have some place they want to take me and I trust people’s systems to lead me the right way. I can’t anticipate what needs aren’t being met in each individual’s life and I find my questions unfold with the unfolding of each story I bear witness to. Sometimes people need a first question though, just to get started...when that happens I usually ask “what brings you here?” That one seems to be enough to begin.


What’s best thing you ever learned from one of your people?

How resilient human beings are! That big feelings are ok to have, that you won’t be destroyed by them...they are actually passages to your deepest wisdom. And I haven’t learned that from one of my people. Every person I have ever seen has shown me some version of this truth about being human.

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