Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) is a therapy that utilizes color and light to help stimulate the occipital lobe's connection with a variety of parts of the brain.

An ETT session may look like you talking about an issue while looking at a variety of different colors. There are a variety of tools utilized in ETT. 

Therapy in all its forms, ETT included, is very similar to stitches. Think about getting a large cut on your leg, you need stitches now. Do the stitches heal you? No, your skin heals you, but the stitches are needed to bring the skin close enough together so that your natural healing cells can do their work. ETT is like stitches for the brain. It allows the therapist to access a variety of parts of the brain while speaking about a single issue. This allows the brain to integrate information rapidly and effectively. 


Want to learn more about ETT?

The Emotional Transformation Therapy International Association is a wonderful source of information.