Individual Intensives 


Looking for a different way to do therapy?

Intensives are long form sessions, usually 3-4 hours in length, in which you can dive deeply into a complex issue. These sessions are ideal for people who like more time for their systems to unwind, want to work on a specific issue with more depth or are looking for deep exploration. These sessions are not meant to be ongoing therapy, they are merely a different way of diving into integration. If you are looking for a clinician who can see you on an ongoing weekly basis or if you are in crisis, this might not be the best fit for you. If you have identified a specific difficulty, if you enjoy self-exploration, if you travel frequently or are looking to explore how therapy might benefit you, then this may be something you want to explore. The costs vary by therapist, as do the times available. Contact the therapist directly with any questions about fees and logistics.

What does an Individual Intensive look like?

In these sessions, your therapist will work with you to help identify an area(s) to work on, and explore that issue in depth with you. We do a lot of experiential work here. The reason for that is, the brain in its wisdom has a pretty big separation between your cognitive parts and your feeling parts. Because of this, there are often issues that you can't think and talk your way out of, the "whoosh" comes up from your gut and you just can't seem to shift it, no matter how hard you try to talk it out. We want to create a space in which all of your brain can process a neural network in an integrated way. That means we use embodied techniques like somatic experiencing and yoga. We use image based work such as Sand Tray and Internal Family Systems, and trauma work such as EMDR and Emotional Transformation Therapy, along with deep connection and talking about the issue to help your mind have a different experience that can translate to the rest of your life as soon as is right for you.

Therapists offering Individual Intensives