Nathan Reeder, LPC

One of our clinicians who is in active training in the post graduate IPNB training program, Nathan works with people with developmental trauma and attachment difficulties. He completed DEEP training in 2018, and is trained in RLT and ETT. Nathan's presence is full of holding and openness and he is an expert at undoing a sense of aloneness. He loves working with couples as well as individuals.


Family of Origin

Relationship Satisfaction

Life Transitions

Developmental Trauma

price for services:

$120 per 50 min session

Sliding Scale Available? Yes

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For human beings, feeling deeply is synonymous with being alive. 




Q&A with Nathan

How would you describe therapy with you?

Your pain is true, but it’s not the truest thing about you. Inside of you is a person who is dynamic, resilient, and able to adapt to life’s challenges - but it may be waiting for the right conditions to fully emerge. For people struggling with life’s demands I offer the support of a caring clinician who will encourage your true self to emerge in an environment where you are deeply valued and exceptionally safe. Together we will explore how your significant relationships and experiences have influenced your resiliency, behavior, and emotional well-being. My hope for your therapy is that you find it a profoundly redemptive and transformative experience. You will find my presence nurturing, understanding, and nonjudgemental, and I will encourage you to share my curiosity about your thoughts, feelings, and embodied experiences. Through this process you will learn that your emotions aren’t scary or unnecessary, but are actually vital to living the life you desire. 


We are all wired to seek care, protection, and understanding throughout our lives. Therapy is one way for this to happen and for you to find relief. If you’d like to experience my approach, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

How did you decide to become a therapist?

Can you imagine an Austin where every person feels valued by others and worthy of being cared for? That’s a vision that makes providing psychotherapy so captivating to me. I like to think I’m playing a small part in enriching this community by caring for its people. A mentor of mine once told me that your calling is where your greatest passion intersects the world’s greatest need. I believe our world needs more people who feel valued and worthy of care - that’s why I became a therapist. I have always been energized by relationships, creativity, and personal growth. For me, there is nothing more life-giving than witnessing another person’s realization that they are capable of something they never thought possible, or that they actually make a lot of sense, that they are not broken or incomplete, but are worthy of affection, and capable of developing close relationships.

What is one thing about you or your work that you want your clients to know?

Therapy is often different than its portrayal in the media. I am not impartial or dispassionate toward my clients. I believe it’s important for you to know that I am for you and with you. We may share laughter or tears, heartbreak or silence, and we do this so you can experience that your true self is knowable and shareable. You will experience that sharing your inner self does not mean jeopardizing your relationships, but can actually serve to strengthen them.