Recommended Reading and Podcasts


Book Recommendations

"A groundbreaking book on the healing power of "mindsight," the potent skill that is the basis for both emotional and social intelligence. Mindsight allows you to make positive changes in your brain-and in your life." This book is for people who would like to understand IPNB therapy more thoroughly. It is written for lay people, it is fun to read, and easy to understand. I highly recommend it for all of our clients.

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Bessel van der Kolk has written a book that explains how many different symptoms that we normally would not think are related to trauma in anyway, are connected to earlier experiences. If you’re thinking early experiences may be a part of what you’re struggling with now, this could be the book for you. If you have symptoms that you don’t understand this could help you as well.


If you’ve been considering therapy, and are unsure what that might feel like, this could be the book for you. It describes what therapy can feel like, and also looks at the inner journey of more long term work, which is what we do.


This is a book written with men in mind. It’s about covert depression. I recommend this book to men who are feeling aggravated, dissatisfied with their lives, like they want something bigger than they have for themselves. I also recommend it for people living with men who think something may be off, but they can’t put their finger on it. If you’d like to understand better what’s going on, this may be the book for you.


This book is written for couples who want a marriage based in equality and relational health. It explores ways of being with each other that can pull you out of communication ruts, and bring you back from the brink of divorce. All of our couples therapists at IPNB are trained in Terry’s work, as well as other modalities, such as Gottman and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

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This "profoundly wise" look at how to foster connections, attachment, and resiliency explains why working through discord is the key to better relationships. - Sue Johnson 

Podcast Recommendations

Jules joins Jennifer Sneeden, LMFT to discuss why we get stuck in a scarcity mindset and how to move into an abundance mindset. Jules also shares some success strategies - How she built a practice with 13 full-time therapists, the definition of success that has guided her business growth, and how to charge what you're worth without feeling guilty.