Sand Tray


The right brain speaks in imagery, metaphor, relationship, and emotion. Sand Tray is a therapeutic technique that can help you access your right brain's way of seeing the world. It is hard to describe the depth of Sand Tray work in words. If you are looking for deep inner exploration, are having trouble understanding why something is an issue in your life, have trauma that is difficult to access because of the overwhelming nature of it, or work well with the creative or artistic sides of you, sand tray could be a therapy that works well for you. 

Although sand tray therapy may look like child’s play, it is a highly therapeutic and multidimensional form of therapy that can provide emotional release and realization for a person in therapy. Adults who have been traumatized and show limited response to other forms of therapy may respond well to sand tray therapy. The environment presents an atmosphere free from threats, and the therapist works with the person in therapy to alter the positions of the miniature objects as representations of the true people and events. By beginning to facilitate change on a fictitious level, a person can gain the courage and ability to recognize that these same changes can be made in his or her own life. While the sandplay process involves creating a series of trays and might last for months or years, significant change may be experienced in just one sand tray session.  - Good Therapy