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The Impact of Racism on Relationships:

What Therapists, Couples, and Partners Need To Know

January 21, 2022




This panel presentation will examine the ways in which racism affects relationality/intimacy in relationships. It will highlight tools from Relational Life Therapy (RLT) that can be used to support relational recovery.

Presentation Content:

  • Examining the Components of Intimacy from an RLT Lens

  • Examining the ways in which Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) experience both couple level and individual level race-based minority stress

  • Detailing the neurobiological impact of race-based minority stress

  • Understanding minority stress using an RLT lens

  • Using the Relational Privilege Wheel

  • Determine ways to develop critical consciousness, responsible externalizing and “building from within”

About the Presenters:

Akilah Riley-Richardson, MSW, CCTP is a published researcher, Certified Relational Life Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She has experience working with couples and persons practicing consensual non monogamy, both in the Caribbean and internationally. Akilah also specialises in work with sexual minorities and racial minorities. As an educator and facilitator, she has provided consultancy services to organizations such as NASTAD (National Alliance for State and Territorial AIDS directors) and CVC (Caribbean Vulnerable Communities). She has been a Social Work Educator at the University of the Southern Caribbean since 2012. She believes that Relational Life Therapy is uniquely positioned to transform relationships and the world at the same time.

Juliane Taylor Shore (Jules) LPC, LMFT, SEP has been teaching neurobiology and interpersonal neurobiology to clinicians for over ten years. She specializes in trauma recovery and in couple therapy and is a certified Relational Life Therapist. She explores with clients and clinicians how understanding the brain can stop blame cycles, deepen the way we listen to and hear each other, and stay curious and open in difficult conversations. Jules lives in the Texas hill country with her husband, daughter, and pup. When she's not roving in the fields with that crew, she loves reading poetry and painting badly.