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Couples Therapy 


Do you feel like you are living with a roommate instead of a lover? Maybe you have been thinking that things could be better for years, but have never tried anything different. Maybe you have been to couples therapy before but are interested in trying something new. It might be time to try couples counseling.

We believe in relational health across five planes of intimacy:  spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and sexual. We are interested in promoting relational health both for individuals and for the couples we see. Relationships are part of your well being, and the person who you want to partner with in a long term way will have more influence over your life than any other single influence. We want to help you make that relationship the best it can be.  

Whether you are concerned that a breakup is imminent or you love your relationship, but think it can get even better, we’d love to help. You deserve to have a fulfilling relationship, and we have couple's therapy counselors ready today in Austin, Texas to help you get there.

IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin Couples Therapists