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IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin Therapists


Our therapists are trained in experiential therapies such as Sand TrayIFS, SE, EMDRand ETTEach of these therapies can help clients to be more embodied, more connected to the lived experience of their resiliency, and each of these therapies uses the inherent wisdom of your system to heal. 

Senior Clinicians

These are fully licensed therapists who have been studying IPNB for three or more years. They have a wide range of specialties, including trauma recovery, couples counseling, and grief counseling. They have additional certificates and training such as IFS, and EMDR. 


These clinicians are in our post graduate program. All clinicians are well versed in trauma recovery, in relational health, and have a wide range of specialty areas. Most have advanced training in EMDR, IFS, RLT, and more. They are interns and associates supervised by Juliane Taylor Shore, LPC S, LMFT S, SEP. 

Meet Our Therapists


Kim loves working with people who are struggling with the ways trauma has effected their lives both as individuals and in couples. She utilizes SE, sand tray and ETT in her work. Sitting with Kim is to sit with an intuitive mind, her yoga training and history as a massage therapist make her naturally inclined to help clients become more deeply embodied. Kim loves working with couples and offers intensives as well as regular weekly sessions.


Kelly's energy is gentle and curious. He has studied attachment theory and EMDR, and brings both to help clients with developmental trauma healing. He does depth work with those wanting to solve dilemmas, explore relational health, and heal anxiety. Kelly is bilingual in Spanish and English, and is also an experienced couples therapist. He utilizes Relational Life Therapy as his main guide to help couples gain connection and intimacy again.


Rebecca specializes in experiential work and works with trauma recovery, self discovery and relational health in individuals. Rebecca's presence is full of wonder and wisdom, she is deeply here and with in ways that clients report feeling so seen they at last feel free to see themselves.


Jami Lynn can weave together deep work and goal focused work seamlessly. Her heart is fully with her people, even while her mind puts together the puzzle that will help them unlock the way forward. If you are looking for both depth and efficiency Jami Lynn is a great choice. Her skill set is vast: she is trained in IFS, ETT, EMDR and sand tray. When it comes to both depth work and trauma healing, she has the tools to help. She loves talking about intimacy and finding your way to more pleasure and wholeness together.


Jen is warm, welcoming and sharp. She has a vision for relational health that is clear and teachable. Jen has a focus is on teaching and coaching, as well as repair and healing with her couples. She also sees individual adults who want healthier relationships. Jen uses RLT, ETT and Sand Tray to assist all who come to her to find great relationships with themselves and their loved ones. 


If you are looking for someone who is both straight forward and kind, you've found her. Ran brings clarity and grace to her work that helps her people feel safe and held while exploring their own inner clarity. She utilizes parts work, RLT, ETT and EMDR in her work and also has a focus on bringing people into compassionate connection with themselves. She works with couples, with those facing grief and with those working with perinatal complications and infertility struggles.


As an active clinician in the IPNB post-graduate training program, Sara brings a wealth of life experience to people that are grappling with anxiety, loss and relational health. Sara specializes in the emotional side of infertility, and loves helping individuals and couples with self-discovery and trauma healing. Her training includes DEEP, EMDR, Emotional Transformation Therapy and Relational Life Therapy for couples.


Mary loves working with couples and has training in RLT and ETT. She brings life experience, as well as a kind heart to her couples work. Her graduate work is focused on substance abuse, so she is comfortable assisting with couples and individuals who struggle with substance abuse as part of their whole picture. Mary also specializes in life transitions that occur later in life such as grief issues, job changes and caregiving duties that often become our responsibility as we get older. Mary is playful, and curious, which clients report helps them feel met and seen while enjoying therapy, even when it's hard.

Leah Parker.jpg

Leah is passionate about supporting new moms and dads, helping them navigate their transition into parenthood both individually and as a couple. Leah is a clinician who can meet you in your worry and pain while being encouraging and motivating. She loves to work with improving how people talk to themselves and others, while not losing motivation to keep (or get) their lives and relationships where they want them to be. She is trained at the Masters level in NeuroAffective Relational Model, a specialized training for Complex/Developmental Trauma, Emotional Transformation Therapy, and Relational Life Therapy for couples. 

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