One of the difficulties with healing from a traumatic experience is the natural dissociation that stops other parts of the brain from easily connecting to the content.


The EMDR process works with safety and bilateral stimulation to allow the brain to reprocess the trauma and reorient meanings that were created at the time of the trauma that may be currently causing you difficulties in other areas of your life.  It works with acute trauma such as car accidents, sexual assault, attacks, natural disasters, witnessing horrific images, and surgical issues.  It also can be helpful in reprocessing meanings created in early childhood experiences.  

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Want to learn more about EMDR?

The EMDR International Association is a great place to learn more about EMDR therapy. 

EMDR with Mark Blockus

What is EMDR? Who is EMDR good for? Can you do EMDR online? I asked clinician, Mark Blockus, to sit down with me and answer a few of these questions about EMDR therapy and provide us with a clearer view on this effective psychotherapy method.