Juliane Taylor Shore (Jules) LPC S, LMFT S, SEP

Jules is playful and light in session. One of her colleagues once stopped her after a session to say "You were laughing a lot in there, are you sure you are doing trauma work?". The answer to that is yes, because moments of healing are so delightful and surprising they take people off guard. Laughter comes out without even thinking about it.  She uses her knowledge of the brain and the implicit mind to go decisively to the root of the issue with gentleness and depth. Jules has been a specialist in trauma recovery and in couples counseling for 12 years, and loves to work experientially because that is how to meet and invite shift in the implicit mind. She wants to help people find the love and connection and grace they have always longed for, both in themselves and with each other. 

Interpersonal Neurobiology 

Relational Life Therapy 

Internal Family Systems Therapy

 Emotional Transformation Therapy

Sand Tray

Coherence Therapy


price for services:

$250 per 55 minute session

Sliding scale available? No

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Jules does speaking and teaching engagements, and she speaks on a variety of topics including Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, Couples Counseling, and Therapeutic Presence.