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Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence based therapy that helps with many issues. IFS is most known as a trauma healing technique, and it is also effective for increasing self-esteem and self compassion, healing depression, anxiety and a wide variety of issues. Our therapists offer free, in person consultation so you can get a feel for parts work before you commit. >


At IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin, we have therapists who love parts work like IFS because we are students of neural networks. Your brain is made up of a variety of neural networks that contain vast stores of information that are interrelated. They can fire independently of each other. That is why sometimes I might have a part of me that wants to go the gym, and another part of me that really doesn’t. 


IFS is a therapy that allows a client to learn to work with their internal neural networks. The right and left brain experience these neural networks very differently. From the left brain perspective, the neural network is a collection of sensation, images, behaviors, affects, and meanings, that come together to create a whole experience. From the right brain perspective, this neural network is experienced in imagery, metaphor, and emotional connection. Because autobiographical history rests mostly in the right hemisphere, it is very helpful to speak in right brain language when accessing neural networks that were developed initially in our own personal histories. IFS is a therapy that speaks to this right hemisphere in it's language.  Our IFS therapists will guide you to slow down, go inside and become a good listener to your own system so that you can find your mind's wisdom lead path to your healing. We have therapists ready today in our clinic in south Austin to help you discover a better relationship with yourself. Our clinicians complete IFS training and then continue getting weekly mentorship to improve their skills.  Would you like to be in better relationship with yourself?


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Want more information but aren't sure where to look? We've included a link to a site created by the founder of Internal Family Systems.  On this page you can find a video of him talking a bit about the model. Learn more about IFS>


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