Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence based therapy. IFS is applicable to many issues. IFS is most known as a trauma healing technique, and is certainly effective for trauma resolution but it is also incredibly effective in a variety of other issues, including depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, and increasing wellness. 


Your brain is made up of a variety of neural networks. Neural networks contain vast stores of information that are interrelated. Neural networks can fire independently of each other and simultaneously in time. That is why sometimes I might have a part of me that wants to go the gym, and another part of me that really doesn't. 


IFS is a therapy that allows a client to learn to work with their internal neural networks. The right and left brain experience these neural networks very differently. From the left brain perspective, the neural network is a collection of sensation, images, behaviors, affects, and meanings, that come together to create a whole experience. From the right brain perspective, this neural network is experienced in imagery, metaphor, and emotional connection. Because autobiographical history rests mostly in the right hemisphere, it is very helpful to speak in right brain language when accessing neural networks that were developed initially in our own personal histories. IFS is a therapy that speaks to this right hemisphere in an experiential manner. 


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