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Individual Therapy


Do you ever feel like your life is just completely out of your control? It might be that parts of your history, the implicit memory that sits in your subcortical brain, is running the show a bit. Would you like to change it? Individual Therapy can help.

Longer term therapy (six months or more) helps because we can follow the parts of you that are causing you stress back to the adaptive roots in your history. Understanding that you are not broken and can unlearn anything is essential to you living your fullest life. 

In both brief therapy and deep therapy, being in connection with another person who can hold you and all of your good and bad parts with deep compassion, can help you feel not alone and safe at the same moment. 

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is counseling that takes place between the patient and the therapist. Each session is completely personalized for the patient. Reasons why the individual chose therapy differ. Individual therapy may also be referred to as talk therapy, psychotherapy, and psychosocial therapy.

How does Individual Therapy work, and who is it for?

With Individual Therapy being a form of therapy in which the client is treated on a one-on-one basis with a therapist, it allows the therapist and client to focus on each other, building a rapport, and working together to solve the individual's issue(s).

Each therapy session for each individual is unique, and there are different types of individual therapy that the therapist my recommend, depending on the reason the individual chose therapy, the symptoms, and the individual's willingness to open up during each session. The duration of treatment also varies depending on the patient's needs. There are many forms of therapy, and some types of treatment work better than others when handling different issues. It is common for therapists to combine ideas from different approaches when addressing a person's needs. 

Individual Therapy can help treat mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral issues. Concerns that may be discussed in therapy can include anxiety, grief, panic attacks, stress, abuse, addiction, insomnia, sexuality, anger, food and eating issues, family issues, childhood trauma, and relationship or marriage challenges.

Our therapists are trained in and have experience helping with complex trauma, grief, depression, stress, anxiety, and more. We are ready to help you better your life today. 

Trauma Therapy 

Have you spent time wondering if events from your past are affecting your current relationships, work, or wellness? Trauma can take many forms. Many people are affected by things that have happened to them in the past, or things that have happened very recently. Sometimes people have a hard time sleeping, some have a hard time concentrating at work, trouble with sudden anxiety, shaking or agitation with family or friends. 


The symptoms of trauma can be large, such as flashbacks, panic attacks, hopelessness, and sometimes even thoughts of ending things. Trauma can also be more subtle, causing difficulty in relationships and self esteem. 

Wondering if Trauma Therapy could be right for you? We have clinicians who work with victims of crime, people with abuse histories, first responders, people who have been through natural disasters, and who have been through difficult medical experiences. We also have clinicians who specialize with working with traumas that are more subtle, things that happened long ago that can create difficulties in relationships, work life, and happiness. 

Relationship Issues

Are you experiencing relationships that are less than you were hoping for? Do you have trouble staying in relationships for long? Does it seem like things are great in the beginning, and then always seem to fall apart? Want to get to the bottom of why this keeps happening?

Relationships can be difficult because some of us have hard spaces in our past that are difficult to touch. We spend time worrying about things not going well, or being abandoned. These things can prevent us from being who we want to be, and showing up how we want to show up in a relationship.

It is our birthright as humans to be in connection with one another. Whether you are struggling with your relationships romantically, with your friendships, or with your colleagues at work, we want to help. 


Everyone experiences loss. If you are going through losing someone close to you, losing an important career opportunity, losing a pet, facing loss of your own health, grief counseling is an option. Our systems were just not built to go through something as overwhelming as grief alone.


Our therapists are trained in and have experience helping with complex grief, traumatic grief, and the losses we all face as we go through the normal course of our lives. We have groups and individual therapy that can help with your process.


Our nervous systems are built to lean into each other in times of great loss. In this way, we share the resiliency of each other’s nervous systems so that we do not have to face such grief alone. If you’ve lost a loved one, we’d like to help. If you’re going through a crisis in your own health, in your career, or relational journeys, we’d like to help.


Have you been feeling really low, agitated, tense, or hopeless? Are you super hard on yourself? Are you sitting at home by yourself, binging Netflix, instead of connecting with the people you love and that love you? You may be experiencing depression.

We have clinicians that specialize in working with people with depression. We want to help you come up with successful strategies to employ right now to help your symptoms lessen. We will help you think about healthy eating, sleeping patterns, healthy habits, and exercise that work for you. 

We want to help you discover the root causes of your depression. 

Often people feel depressed because of internal conflicts in their own systems. Other times, they feel depressed because of hard things that have happened in the past that they have not been able to safely speak with someone about. We want to help you get to the roots of it, as well as help you lift your symptoms as soon as possible. Depression hurts physically and mentally. It doesn't have to stay like this. 


Do you constantly feel worried or stressed out? Do you suffer from panic attacks from concerns about the future, from thoughts that just won't stop? Have you been feeling a swirling in your stomach, tightness in your breath, or your heart racing and you can't figure out why? You may have issues with Anxiety.

It may sound surprising, but sitting down and talking to someone might be helpful. Often letting the thoughts out to someone who cares can help them have space to be held without you having to go it alone. Anxiety is one of the most common experiences plaguing Americans today. We want to help. 


We will work with you on whole wellness and on successful strategies to help lower anxiety, both from the mind and the body. We also work with you to discover the origins of your anxiety. Some people have anxiety that is very biological. Other people have anxiety because of old learnings. We want to help you discover the roots of yours, and develop effective treatments that are particular to your history and mind.  

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